Standing Waves

SurfStream® is the world’s first standing wave machine offering up to seven different wave types for all skill levels to enjoy. Riders can use real surfboards with fins on a deep cushion of water that creates an endless wave. Fully adjustable wave size, shape and type, as well as multiple riding modes. Safe, compact, indoor or outdoor, SurfStream® brings surfing anywhere.

Model SS3512 Model SS4016 Model SS4020 Model SS5024 Model SS6032
Overall Footprint 22 x 65ft
6.7 x 19.8m
26 x 70ft
7.9 x 21.3m
32 x 75ft
9.8 x 22.9m
36 x 75ft
11 x 22.9m
40 x 80ft
12.2 x 24.4m
Per Hour Power Cost* $4.5 – $14 $6 – $33 $7.5 – $41 $9 – $49.5 $12- $50
Avg. Power Range 45kW – 140kW 60kW – 330kW 75kW – 410kW 90kW -495kW 120kW – 500kW
Simultaneous – Rider Capacity 1 to 5 1 to 6 1 to 8 1 to 10 1 to 12
Wave Size 2.5 to 3.5ft
.76m to 1.1m
2.5 to 4 ft
.76m to 1.2m
2.5 to 5ft
.76m to 1.52m
2.5 to 5ft
.76m to 1.52m
2.5 ft – 6ft
.76m to 1.8m

*Power Cost Calculated at $0.10 USD/kW hour

SurfStream® sizes available in 4- foot increments.

To assure smooth and efficient operations of your business, we support our machines with services that deliver value and reliability. American Wave Machines is there from start to finish, helping you to build your business the right way.

American Wave Machines offers the following services to make sure our clients receive a machine designed to fit their specific needs:

+Wave technology consulting

+Schematic designs


+3D renderings

+Equipment installation

+On-site supervision

Once we begin the construction phase, we will ship and delivery supplied equipment to your location.  After delivery, the American Wave Machines team will come to your location and provide equipment installation and on site supervision.

Operational Services
Once the wave pool build is complete, American Wave Machines will send a startup team to your site to train personnel in operating the wave machines. Our company will also provide riding equipment for these machines. Through our own testing, we have learned what equipment works best on the machines and provides the most safety to its riders.

Product Services
American Wave Machines offers annual maintenance on all of our machines which will help you guarantee safe and efficient operating at your site.  American Wave Machines provides a warranty on parts through the suppliers typically lasting one year. There is also an option for an extended warranty.

After- sale Services
For an additional cost, we also offer pool vessel completion and filtration system services.  These services are not mandatory, but they are recommended to help ensure a seamless wave pool installation.

SurfStream® is the world’s first standing wave machine that delivers an endless surfing experience on real surfboards. Scalable to various spaces, indoor or outdoor, minimal energy consumption and ease of operation make SurfStream® the ideal wave system for venues of all types looking to tap into the developing and lucrative pay-for-surf market.

SurfStream® is the only wave machine with modular capabilities that delivers multiple wave types. This is a key differentiator in our technology and enables all ages and experience levels to learn, practice and improve skills that are directly transferable to surfing in the ocean.

SurfStream® makes surfing possible anywhere.

“The benefits for a beginner are that they can learn to balance on a surfboard. For people who already know how to surf it is great for practicing tricks, working on style and strengthening your legs. It’s also super fun to surf the wave.”- Guillermo Gonzales (Peru Surf Federation President and Peru location Operator)


“The main difference is in the ocean you’re spending the majority of the time paddling and trying to catch the wave which is really the most difficult aspect of this work. So here we eliminate the paddling and the wave knowledge – you can stand right up. In the ocean you might spend an hour surfing and only ride for 40 seconds, here if you spend an hour surfing, you can ride pretty much close to an hour.”- Elijah Mack (River Surfing Pioneer)


“Well, you’re not going 100 yards down the beach when you’re riding the wave, but the way it’s designed, you can still work on your positioning as if it was a real ocean wave. You can move out onto the shoulder or surf it more in the pocket. It’s big enough that you’re able to move four or five feet to change your positioning on the wave to be in a more critical or less critical spot. There are so many maneuvers you can do on it that are so similar to surfing that I think it could be a really good training tool for actual ocean surfing.”- Todd Holland (Former Pro Tour Surfer)


“You can practice a trick over and over again in a controlled environment, really learn how to stick each maneuver, and then translate it into ocean waves. Todd looked like a kid in a candy store when they brought out the high-performance barrel for us. It’s a right, open-faced little tiny barrel, and he had so much fun he didn’t want to get off. It’s addicting, and I’d personally like to see one here in Florida for the flat spells. This is the closest you can get to actually being in the ocean. I’ve tried other machines that were very similar, but without fins it’s really not surfing.”- Lauren Holland (Ron Jon Team Rider)


“The way the water flows across the fiberglass moldings creates a standing wall of water that pulls you back toward the trough of the wave. To ride the wave you need to be constantly pumping down the line the same way you would be on a wave sucking up across a reef. You can tell that the movements on this wave are similar to an ocean wave by the way each surfers style comes out when riding it. Just like surfing there are different ways to get down the line. You can keep moving by pumping down the mid face of the wave or by doing bottom turn to top turn combos. After about a minute on the wave your legs really start to burn, similar to the feeling after riding a long wave at a point break.”- Rob Kelly (Billabong Team Rider)


I left each session riding this wave feeling stoked, which is the same feeling I spend so much of my time and money chasing waves around the world to get. Its the reason anyone that surfs is so addicted and the fact that this wave replicates even just that aspect of surfing alone makes it a home run in my eyes.” – Rob Kelly, Pro Surfer & Billabong Team Rider (Read his blog post about his first SurfStream experience here)