Surf Pools

Why PerfectSwell® Why PerfectSwell®

PerfectSwell® surf pools are designed to replicate the science behind waves in the ocean. Wave type, size, duration, and frequency can be controlled at the touch of a button via any smartphone or tablet with no wait time for waves. Surfers will have to paddle, position, and read the surf just like in the ocean.
A PerfectSwell® surf pool requires a medium to large footprint with many options for customized pool shapes including the ability to create a beach.

Small Medium Large
No. of 10ft
(3.3m chambers)
9 18 36
Avg. Power Range 149kW – 298kW 298kw – 930kW 596kw – 1860kW
Per Hour Power Cost* $14.9 – $29.8 $29.8 – $93 $59.6 – $186
Wave Size 1ft- 8ft
.3m- 2.43m
1ft- 10ft
.3m- 3m
1ft- 10ft
.3m- 3m
Number of Riders 120 – 540 Max per hour 240 – 1080 Max per hour 480 – 2160 Max per hour
Wave Frequency Continuous Surf – No Waiting for Waves Continuous Surf – No Waiting for Waves Continuous Surf – No Waiting for Waves
Example Pool Size Range 9,700ft- 18,000ft²
900m²- 1,700m²
27,000ft²- 54,000ft²
2,500m²- 5,000m²
45,000ft²- 97,000ft²
4,200m²- 9,000m²

*Power Cost Calculated at $0.10 USD/kW hour

To assure smooth and efficient operations of your business, we support our machines with services that deliver value and reliability. American Wave Machines is there from start to finish, building your business the right way.
American Wave Machines offers wave technology consulting, schematic designs, elevations, and 3D renderings. These services allow our clients to be sure they are receiving a machine and design that best fits their needs.
Once completed we begin the construction phase we will directly ship and delivery supplied equipment to your location in a timely and efficient manner.  After delivery of these supplies the American Wave Machines team provides equipment installation and on site supervision during this process.

Operational Services
Once the wave pool build is complete, American Wave Machines will send a start up team to your site to train personnel in operating the wave machines. Our company will also provide riding equipment for these machines. Through our own testing, we have learned what equipment works best on the machines and provides the most safety to its riders.

Product Services
American Wave Machines offers annual maintenance on its machines which will allow your site to guarantee safe and efficient operating.  American Wave Machines provides warranty through the suppliers on parts typically lasting one year. There is an option for extension on this warranty.

After- sale Services
For an additional cost, we also offer pool vessel completion and filtration system services.  These services are not mandatory, but they are recommended to help ensure a seamless wave pool installation.

Park Planning
At American Wave Machines we focus on delivering the world’s best surf technology to build the world’s best surf parks. With a breadth and depth of technical expertise, American Wave Machines surf parks are transforming the sport of surfing.

Capable of putting together multiple resources and disciplines to meet every need for efficiency and cost control, American Wave Machines provides a complete line of services from the earliest planning stages right through project completion:

  • Site selection, analysis, and master planning
  • Engineering
  • Conceptual, architectural, and interior design
  • Project budget and business plans for investors
  • Construction contract and sub-contractor negotiations
  • Construction administration
  • Project supervision and installation
  • Marketing and PR planning
PerfectSwell® is the most realistic surfing experience outside the ocean. Our patented technology creates an infinite variety of waves that replicate point break, beach break, and reef break without long waits. PerfectSwell® is the first and only air-pressure system to create naturally occurring ocean swells for authentic world class surfing. With PerfectSwell®’s capabilities it is now possible to produce professional surfing events while simultaneously operating as a business where anyone and everyone can enjoy surfing. PerfectSwell® is flexible, fun and the ideal system for any skill level of surfing.