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PerfectSwell Barrel View May 2013 | Greetings from the Barrel

SOLANA BEACH, CALIF. (June 3, 2013) – American Wave Machines (AWM), the technology leader in out of ocean surf recently completed installation and commissioning of the latest PerfectSwell® wave generating invention in East Durham, New York.

Adding to the PerfectSwell® suite of innovations, including the patented reflecting wave generator, the new software based invention creates surf by sequenced control of multiple wave generating chambers. Virtually any wave shape and direction can be generated continuously including point breaks, peaks, beach breaks, barrels, and multiple rider waves.  The recently patented invention is applicable to all pneumatic systems including linear and circular wave pools.

Additional patent pending innovations include a mobile wave control application designed to run on mobile devices.  The mobile app will enable operators, coaches, and surfers to call and control waves and personalized playlists.  A media option allows photo and video capture of the surf session within the app.

We’re stoked our customers have bigger and better waves in their pools than they thought possible. The capabilities of this system exceeded our predictions” said Bruce McFarland, founder and president of AWM. “Not only does this demonstrate the scalability of PerfectSwell®, it demonstrates wave quality and quantity necessary for successful surf parks..

The PerfectSwell® systems currently under construction are focused on surfing and standard wave pool recreation and are engineered for waves up to 8 feet. Still larger wave systems are within the technical capability.

About American Wave Machines, Inc.

American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM) designs, engineers, manufactures and sells world class wave pools, wave systems and surf centers. Founded in 2001 by California surfer Bruce McFarland, the company is committed to delivering authentic surfing experiences in a safe and controlled environment. SurfStream® is the world’s first standing wave machine that delivers a stationary surfing experience (on real surfboards) scalable to various spaces. PerfectSwell® is the first air-powered system to create an authentic surfing experience through natural-like ocean waves. From the Caribbean to Sweden, American Wave Machines has developed more than 15 small and large-scale installations exclusively for surf parks, waterparks, resorts, malls and research institutions.

AWM Announces Surf Pool Innovative Breakthroughs


American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM), the leader in artificial wave technology for surf parks, announces three technological breakthroughs for PerfectSwell™, an innovative approach to generating large waves with the emphasis on wave quality and surfing. PerfectSwell is the next generation of artificial wave pools with its patent pending PerfectSwell Wave App™, patented Reflecting Wave Generator and Phased Array Control System, providing the opportunity for surfing outside of the ocean. Production of PerfectSwell is underway in Sochi, Russia, site of the 2014 Olympics. The 35,000 square foot PerfectSwell wave pool will open at the Sheksna Resort, nominated as Russia’s Leading Spa Resort by World Travel Awards.

AWM’s PerfectSwell Wave App™ allows surfers to control the session by calling up their favorite waves from the lineup or from shore with their iPad or iPhone. Wave direction, size and intensity can be modified from an iPhone, allowing surfers to have the perfect session every time. Coaches and trainers can manipulate the surf for the skill level and physical location of trainees in the pool. Surfers can record the ride with a built-in media option.

PerfectSwell™ Wave App for iPhone

No longer having to wait for the perfect wave, rigorous conditioning and training can take place in a PerfectSwell pool. AWM’s proprietary PerfectSwell Reflecting Wave Generator creates circular particle motion waves like the ocean, capable of producing 10 barreling waves per minute. The PerfectSwell Phased Array Control system controls chamber firing patterns and sequences creating any wave breaking characteristic from mushy to pitching to timed aerial closeouts.

“PerfectSwell is the most versatile system with the most innovative technology providing the best surfing experience, “ says Bruce McFarland, President of AWM. “PerfectSwell creates an infinite variety of waves. Point, reef and beach breaks can be replicated in PerfectSwell surf pools and waves can be adjusted and customized without need for special bottom contours.”

About American Wave Machines, Inc.

AWM is the creator of wave technology for surf parks, hotel/resorts, recreation, and research applications. SurfStream®, the world’s first standing wave machine, delivers surfing capability in a compact space. PerfectSwell technology is a new approach to generating large waves with the emphasis on the surfing experience. With no moving parts in the water, sophisticated computer controls modulate wave shape, ride duration, frequency and energy efficiency.

American Wave Machines Helps Scientific Community

February 2011 – FUNWORLD Magazine

To anyone in the amusement industry, the term “wave machine” is usually associated with surf generators used at waterparks. But to the scientific community, it means something quite different, as American Wave Machines (AWM) of Solana Beach, California, is well aware.

AWM was recently contacted by the Ocean Energy Research Lab at the University of Texas at Brownsville about securing one of its wave generators for use in a large wave tank system. The university lab is involved with research into harnessing energy from offshore ocean wave swells. The lab wanted a wave generator that produces controllable wave heights and frequencies in a wave tank 15 meters (49 feet) long, 1 meter (3.3 feet) wide, and 1 meter deep.

“We get a lot of attention from scientific people because of studies going on around the world in capturing waves for energy generation,” says Bruce McFarland, founder of American Wave Machines, “and when they are looking for wave machines, our name immediately comes up.”

The Ocean Energy Research Lab is investigating technology for a maintenance- and-corrosion-free, hurricane resistant wave energy converter. The lab will use the AWM wave generator to simulate ocean conditions for testing small-scale prototype wave energy converters by simulating deep-water and transitional-water waves of varying heights and endurance. Ocean Energy needed a wave generator that could continuously provide reliable, repeatable characteristics.

“The availability of this wave generator will significantly facilitate our research along this line,” says Dr. Yingchen Yang, director of the Ocean Energy Research Lab. “It allows us to systematically examine and improve the design parameters of the wave energy converter in a timely and cost-effective manner. With this help, we are more confident we can reach our ultimate goal—to make ocean waves become a competitive renewable energy source.”

Though this scientific application is a departure from AWM’s amusement industry business, McFarland doesn’t see it as being really unusual. “I guess it’s because we still think our core business is making waves in general and not letting ourselves be limited,” he says. “In fact, we have another job we’re doing for the Navy in making waves over sediments to see how it affects the sediments. It’s an even bigger job and includes our wave generator and a special tank.”

Though the underlying technology is the same for the wave generators used in amusements and those used for scientific research, McFarland explains that his company’s focus is different. “From our core business of making waves, if it’s for amusements, it has all of the safety components wrapped into it, and if it’s for science, it’s about the specifics of the waves sizes themselves.”

As for AWM’s waterpark business, the company continues to promote its two signature products—SurfStream, a standing wave machine, and PerfectSwell, a wave generator for wave pools and custom surf pools.

McFarland says AWM has recently experienced a shift toward more outdoor waterpark business: “We still have more indoor business, but it’s not as lopsided as it was—we’re seeing more and more outdoors.”