November 24, 2014 – We Win

American Wave Machines Prevails in Infringement Lawsuit
US District Court Ruling Dismisses Case

American Wave Machines announces their unequivocal victory in a patent infringement case brought by Wave Loch and Light Wave.  For more in depth coverage click here for a Legal Newsline article and click here for the PR Newswire release.

“This is a major victory for the company.  Our mission to build world class surf facilities in every suitable market in the world continues.”  Bruce McFarland, President and Founder, American Wave Machines.

SurfStream® at Boulevard de Asia, Peru

East Coast Surfers Experience Newest and Largest SurfStream

Rob Kelly Barreled on the SurfStream at Surf's Up New Hampshire


East Coast Surfers and American Wave Machines team commission and demo the SurfStream at Surf’s Up New Hampshire.  Check out the video below to see the surfers in action and hear about their experience.


Discovery Channel Goes Surfing

Lucas Cochran, host of Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel Canada, got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our SurfStream® SS6032 system being installed at the Surfs Up surf park in Nashua, New Hampshire.

The TV crew spent the day with us to capture an under-the-hood view of our technology at the largest stationary wave surfing system in the world. — Check out Discovery Channel’s online segment of American Wave Machines.

Lucas interviewed our founder, Bruce McFarland, and received his first surfing lesson from AWM team member John Luff. We had a blast showing him how our technology creates real waves and the TV host learned to surf by the end of the day!


SurfStream Standing Wave Barrel Jared Veltsos NH

Jared Veltsos – Nashua, NH Local Surfer & Zapstix Team Rider



American Wave Machines Commissions Latest PerfectSwell

Continuous Surf – Any Shape and Size

PerfectSwell Barrel View May 2013 | Greetings from the Barrel

SOLANA BEACH, CALIF. (June 3, 2013) – American Wave Machines (AWM), the technology leader in out of ocean surf recently completed installation and commissioning of the latest PerfectSwell® wave generating invention in East Durham, New York.

Adding to the PerfectSwell® suite of innovations, including the patented reflecting wave generator, the new software based invention creates surf by sequenced control of multiple wave generating chambers. Virtually any wave shape and direction can be generated continuously including point breaks, peaks, beach breaks, barrels, and multiple rider waves.  The recently patented invention is applicable to all pneumatic systems including linear and circular wave pools.

Additional patent pending innovations include a mobile wave control application designed to run on mobile devices.  The mobile app will enable operators, coaches, and surfers to call and control waves and personalized playlists.  A media option allows photo and video capture of the surf session within the app.

We’re stoked our customers have bigger and better waves in their pools than they thought possible. The capabilities of this system exceeded our predictions” said Bruce McFarland, founder and president of AWM. “Not only does this demonstrate the scalability of PerfectSwell®, it demonstrates wave quality and quantity necessary for successful surf parks..

The PerfectSwell® systems currently under construction are focused on surfing and standard wave pool recreation and are engineered for waves up to 8 feet. Still larger wave systems are within the technical capability.

About American Wave Machines, Inc.

American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM) designs, engineers, manufactures and sells world class wave pools, wave systems and surf centers. Founded in 2001 by California surfer Bruce McFarland, the company is committed to delivering authentic surfing experiences in a safe and controlled environment. SurfStream® is the world’s first standing wave machine that delivers a stationary surfing experience (on real surfboards) scalable to various spaces. PerfectSwell® is the first air-powered system to create an authentic surfing experience through natural-like ocean waves. From the Caribbean to Sweden, American Wave Machines has developed more than 15 small and large-scale installations exclusively for surf parks, waterparks, resorts, malls and research institutions.

Body Glove Signs Contract to be Distributor in Peru


Body Glove Signs Contract with Wave Pool SAC to be Distributor at La Ola Movistar Wave Machine in Peru

Redondo Beach, CA [April 24, 2013] –  Body Glove International is excited to announce they have signed a contract with Wave Pool SAC, to be an authorized distributor of Body Glove products.

Wave Pool SAC began operations in October of 2010 as the operator of “La Ola Movistar” surf arena in the Boulevard de Asia Outdoor Mall. Under the direction of Guillermo Gonzales it features the largest standing wave machine in the world designed and built by American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM). The venue puts Peru at the forefront offering a perfect place for athletes, fans and the general public to practice the sport of surfing in a family setting with restaurant, bar, and entertainment facilities.

Body Glove Signs La Ola Movistar SurfStream in Peru as DistributorBody Glove CEO and Chairman of the Board of AWM, Robbie Meistrell, first met Guillermo along with professional surfers Cheyne Magnusson and Anthony Walsh on a trip to the surf arena. “I was so impressed with Guillermo as a businessman and as a professional surfer, I wanted to find a way to bring him into the Body Glove family,” states Meistrell, “I think this arrangement will be beneficial to both companies and can really increase our brand presence in South America.”

For more information on Body Glove athletes and products go to and for daily updates visit

About Body Glove:

Founded in 1953, Body Glove is a leading, worldwide water sports brand specializing in wetsuits, swimwear, clothing, footwear, accessories, and technology accessories. The company sponsors one of the most respected surf and wakeboard teams in the industry with such powerhouse names as pro surfers Jamie O’Brien, Cheyne Magnusson, Anthony Walsh, Alex Gray and Holly Beck and wake boarders Rusty Malinoski, Harley Clifford, Bob Soven and Jeff McKee. Body Glove and Jean-Michel Cousteau and his Ocean Futures Society have formed a legendary alliance to help preserve and protect the ocean while providing ocean and diving geared equipment to water enthusiasts around the globe. Some of the proceeds from the sale of those products go directly to Ocean Futures Society. Through Reef Check, SIMA’s environmental fund, and the Surfrider Foundation, Body Glove also works to preserve the purity of the waters it loves. Body Glove products are sold in the U.S. by a network of independent retailers. Body Glove is also sold in approximately 50 countries internationally.

About American Wave Machines, Inc.

Cheyne Magnusson at SurfStream Peru

American Wave Machines, Inc. designs, engineers, manufactures and sells world class wave pools, wave systems and surf centers. Founded in 2001 by California surfer Bruce McFarland, the company is committed to delivering authentic surfing experiences in a safe and controlled environment that values sustainability, integrity, and sportsmanship. SurfStream® is the world’s first standing wave machine that delivers a stationary surfing experience (on real surfboards) scalable to various spaces. PerfectSwell™ is the first air-powered system to create an authentic surfing experience through natural-like ocean waves. From the Caribbean to Sweden, American Wave Machines has developed more than 15 small and large-scale installations exclusively for surf parks, waterparks, resorts, malls and research institutions.

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App on Board: Company Gives Surfers a Real Wave Selection

Originally published in the San Diego Business Journal on December 31, 2012

TECH:  American Wave Machines Can Offer Custom Rides
By: Brad Graves

There is now an app for making waves.

American Wave Machines of Solana Beach designs pools with technology that creates waves big enough to surf on. They can bring the familiar sport to places that are nowhere near the ocean.

Among the company’s latest innovations is a way to modify those waves with an Apple Inc. iPhone or iPad.

Standing before a miniature, tabletop wave pool at the company’s headquarters — just a few steps from the Belly Up Tavern — company founder and President Bruce McFarland demonstrated the variety of waves he can turn out by changing the settings on his phone.

Then, he invited a reporter to try out the controls, on a console with a tablet-sized computer screen.

By manipulating the shape of the wave on the screen, a person can modify the wave emitted by the machine. Press a button, the air-operated system makes some noise and, voila, the wave breaks. McFarland sizes up the result. “You made a mushy wave on the right side of the pool,” he said.

The app will work the same way on the full-size wave machines that McFarland and his company engineer.

American Wave Machines was founded in 2000 in McFarland’s home. Its machines are now up and running in Peru, Sweden and the Caribbean region.

“We made it through the recession with international business,” said McFarland.

Seven Patents

American Wave Machines holds seven patents, and it has applied for several more in the United States and overseas.

One of its more ambitious projects is a wave pool at the Russian resort city of Sochi, the city that will host the 2014 Winter Olympics. The 35,000-square-foot pool will be part of the Sheksna Resort, and will offer a 10-second ride.

Another buyer is the owner of an amusement park in Nashua, N.H., 40 miles north of Boston. The customer is putting the wave machine indoors, in a space with a retractable roof. The attraction will complement other rides at the park, including technology that lets people “skydive” in place.

Depending on the technology, American Wave Machine projects can cost between $500,000 and $15 million. And the company can not only supply a park with equipment. McFarland says it can also help formulate business plans.

Third-party contractors build the wave machines to company specifications. The wave machines come in two styles.

The SurfStream is more compact and reminiscent of a treadmill. It can produce a small wave for beginners or a barreling wave for advanced surfers. Detachable modules get the wave to break to the left or to the right, depending on the rider’s preference. The waves continue to churn for as long as the machine is running.

By contrast, the PerfectSwell machine sprawls out over a large area. It sends waves across the surface of a pool at regular intervals, and those waves peter out at water’s edge.

Unlike other products, the wave machines accommodate regular, off-the-rack surfboards with fins. “It’s beyond a simulator,” McFarland said.

Several market forces affect the people who buy water play equipment.

Financing a water park has been a challenge during the economic downturn, said Aleatha Ezra, director of park member development for the World Waterpark Association in Overland Park, Kansas.

Making Waves Overseas

International development, however, has been strong, she said. Asia has “a burgeoning market,” Ezra said, while Europe and the Middle East are also strong.

American Wave Machines can claim one other innovation: It built a wave machine that was part of a float in the 2012 Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena.

Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc. of Pacoima sponsored the float, and the wave machine wasn’t really the focal point. A surfing bulldog stole the show.

It was the longest and heaviest float ever entered in the Rose Parade, McFarland said.

Going forward, McFarland is enthusiastic about his wave machines’ potential.

“There’s room for at least one of these in every major city,” he said.

Bruce McFarland Live Interview from Boardroom International Surfboard Show

AWM President & Founder Bruce McFarland discusses the future of wave pools and surf parks with Quiksilver Marketing Director Todd Kline and Dave Stanfield on October 6 at The Boardroom International Surfboard Show in Del Mar, CA.


    • AWM Surf Centers in every major city in the world
    • How SurfStream and PerfectSwell work
    • Robust digital system with mobile app enabling complete wave control

Man’s love of surf leads to wave machine technology

by Lilian Cox
The Coast News

SOLANA BEACH — Surfer Bruce McFarland has achieved much success as the founder of American Wave Machines where he has developed wave technology for applications in both research and recreation. Moreover, he’s followed in the family business.

Uncle "Sonny" Charles Wright, 1925

Great uncle Charlie Wright promoted surfing in San Diego in the beginning of the last century after learning the sport from friend Duke Kahanamoku, the “Father of Modern Surfing.” Wright, a San Diego lifeguard, was able to replicate the design of Kahanamoku’s surfboard for popular use.

Today, McFarland recalls recognizing the genius of Uncle Sonny as a 10-year-old.

“Uncle Sonny made an early form of a diving hookah (air supply device used in free diving) when he lived in the Philippines,” he said. “He had a pool that was green, and said my brother and I could swim in it if we used his hooka to dive and scrub the pool with a brush. We had never seen a diving apparatus. We were stoked.”

Growing up in Manhattan Beach, McFarland began devising his own gear including skim boards, skate decks, surfboards and bikes using parts. After high school, he earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from UC Santa Barbara as well as a master’s specializing in fluid dynamics and experimental methods. He did post-graduate work in structural dynamics at UCLA.

His first job after graduation was as a staff engineer with TRW Space and Technology in Redondo Beach. A job offer with Structural Dynamics Research Corp. in Del Mar brought McFarland and his family to Solana Beach in 1989.

Bruce McFarland at SurfStream Peru

For a while the family lived in a VW van while he kept his options open, hoping to find a career fit that would lead to developing surf machines. That happened in 1991 when he met an inventor of sheet flow technology who needed help developing a ride. Recognizing a ground floor opportunity, McFarland co-founded Wave Loch Tool & Die in La Jolla.

Subsequently, McFarland was inspired to start his own company after watching a video of beachgoers at the Waimea Rivermouth riding surfboards on a standing wave.

“I knew that it could be recreated in a pumped water system,” he said. “A guy living in Hawaii already had a related patent. I licensed it.”

In 1999, McFarland founded American Wave Machines, or AWM, in Solana Beach.

“The rest has been a nonstop pursuit of making waves,” he said. “My wife, Marie, the kids and the extended family have supported it all the way.”

AWM began doing research and development of standing wave apparatuses and was issued five patents. In the fall of 2004, on ABC’s “Don Polec’s World,” McFarland introduced SurfStream, the first hydrofoil standing wave machine. Manufacturing and sales began in 2006. Products started shipping in 2008.

Today, McFarland touts that SurfStream delivers the ultimate surfing experience — “the long ride.”

In January, pro surfers Cheyne Magnusson and Anthony Walsh, representing Body Glove, provided a demonstration at the Ola Movistar Surf Arena in Peru.

Body Glove pro surfer, Cheyne Magnusson, on SurfStream in Peru

Body Glove CEO Robbie Meistrell is on the AWM board of directors.

“Body Glove looked far and wide for the most authentic wave technology,” Meistrell said. “Bruce and his company share the same vision as Body Glove, to bring the passion we share for surfing to the world.”

AWM offers a second product line: PerfectSwell and WindSwell wave generators, which are used at facilities such as the University of Texas for ocean energy research related to harnessing wave energy.

The technology is more popularly known for recreation applications at waterparks, surfparks, hotel resorts and sponsored wave-riding exhibitions.

AWM is also riding the wave of the fast-growing market niche for surfing dogs. At this year’s Tournament of Roses Parade, stoked canines, hanging 20, demonstrated SurfStream on a float sponsored by Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods.

Riding the crest of a surfer’s dream

by Diane Mastrull
Philadelphia Inquirer

For those who awaken thinking the New Year’s holiday holds no parade of relevance but the Mummers’ march, an engineer for a Burlington County small business has this to share:

A dog will surf on what is being billed as the world’s longest and heaviest float – Guinness Book certification pending – in the 123d Tournament of Roses Parade airing from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday on NBC10.

But forget the dog. Sea Box Inc. in Cinnaminson wants you to pay attention to the technology behind the wave.

It’s the creation of American Wave Machines Inc., of Solana Beach, Calif., whose founder, Bruce McFarland, is the mind behind some of the most creative and difficult projects produced at Sea Box, a manufacturer of customized shipping containers used from circuses to war zones.

And Sea Box has played a role in helping McFarland, a surfing enthusiast, develop and improve on his wave technology since 1999.

Back then, Sea Box owner Jim Brennan helped McFarland design a large mobile wave machine. The solution to moving it around the world was to use shipping containers as the basic structure – about six or eight of them, each 40 feet long, connected together to hold the water.

At the time, Sea Box was much smaller, both in sales and physical space. So the construction work went to a company in South Carolina. Brennan was put in charge of ideas and sales.

Thus was McFarland introduced to the world of shipping containers and Brennan introduced to a design engineer he decided he could not do without: “I thought he was brilliant.”

So Brennan offered the California-based McFarland a job at Sea Box, allowing him to work from home and e-mail his shipping-container designs to New Jersey.

By 2005, McFarland needed Sea Box’s help again. He had designed a surf machine that worked with deeper water and made a more natural wave, and needed a full-scale prototype to market it to hotels, resorts, and water parks.

Again he went to Brennan, who, McFarland said, was “excited to build anything that you could make out of a shipping container.”

What emerged is what American Wave Machines markets as the Surfstream. It came to life on land Brennan first had graded and then covered with sand behind Sea Box’s former factory in Cinnaminson.

There, Sea Box employees cut old shipping containers into shapes McFarland designed, “bent a bunch of metal,” added three huge pumps, and set four or five container footprints into a vinyl above-ground pool measuring 35 by 65 feet in width and length and 4 feet deep.

“We turned it on; it worked great,” McFarland recalled during a recent visit with his wife and business partner, Marie, to Sea Box to attend the company Christmas party.

Since then, American Wave Machines has sold permanent versions around the world. But as a privately held company, it will not disclose its sales figures.

McFarland has continued to design projects for Sea Box as he has worked on expanding his wave-machine business, confident demand will expand.

“Surfing is a well-known thing around the world, but few people are near enough an ocean to do it,” McFarland said.

In California, they are. Which brings us to the Rose Parade and a pet-food company that appears to be hell-bent on making a bigger splash (pun intended) each year it enters a float.

This year, the Natural Balance Pet Foods Inc. float is 116 feet long and more than 100,000 pounds, what with the nearly 7,000 gallons of water it will be toting, said Ron Davis, the Pacoima-based company’s dog trainer.

Wearing a wet suit, he will be in the water during the parade, to make sure the star, Tillman the bulldog, and friends “are stable on their boards right before the wave comes.”

McFarland’s wave, that is. Something that Davis, the ultimate surfer dude, marveled over last week not because of its size – no more than two feet high, on the theory that parade-watchers would not be amused to see a dog wipe out – but because of the technical sophistication behind it.

“What they’ve built in the rear of the float . . . it’s like a giant science project,” Davis said. “To me, it’s amazing because I push a button and I get a wave.”

At Sea Box, there is disappointment the company lost out on actually constructing the float’s wave machine. Rather than building it in New Jersey and shipping it across the country, “they decided they could do it cheaper with a float-maker locally,” Brennan said.

No hard feelings, though. He said he expects that Sea Box will get plenty of future business making steel component parts for McFarland’s wave machines. (The main structures are made of concrete and fiberglass, not Sea Box’s specialty.)

Granted there will be fur rather than feathers in the Rose Parade, but Davis assures Philadelphia’s Mummers faithful they will not be disappointed if they tune in to see surfing dogs.

“The end-all goal,” he said, “is to make people crack up, have a great day, and make people be wowed.”

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AWM Making Waves for Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade Float

Tillman the bulldog will be surfing down Orange Grove Boulevard on an American Wave Machines system developed specifically for the Rose Parade

Solana Beach, Calif. – November 21, 2011–American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM), the leading wave technology innovation company, announced the successful implementation of the world’s first wave machine for the 2012 Tournament of Roses® Parade Float, sponsored by Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc.

Over 100 dogs turned out at Fiesta Floats for the casting call to show off their surfing skills in a 70 foot long wave pool developed by AWM. The winners will be surfing on the float for the prestigious 123rd Rose Parade  on January 2, 2012 in Pasadena, CA. The float, built by Fiesta Floats and wave generator by American Wave Machines will break the Guinness World Record as the World’s Heaviest and Longest Float.

“We’ve been involved in a lot of wave technology applications, but this has to be one of most unique. I grew up surfing in Manhattan Beach, California and always watched the Rose Parade.  I never imagined that dogs would be surfing down Orange Grove Boulevard, let alone that my company would develop the system,” said AWM Founder and President, Bruce McFarland.  “The team at Fiesta Floats and Natural Balance have been great to work with.”

“Being a Southern California surfer, I was stoked to find American Wave Machines for this project, a company with California roots dedicated to creating authentic surfing experiences,” said Ron Davis of Natural Balance, Inc. “The wave worked perfectly and Tillman and Friends love it.”

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AWM appoints Body Glove CEO, Robbie Meistrell, to its Board of Directors

Solana Beach, Calif. – August 25, 2011– American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM), the leading wave technology innovation company, announced the appointment of Body Glove International CEO, Robbie Meistrell, to the Board of Directors. The appointment of a surf industry leader affirms AWM’s commitment to delivering an authentic surfing experience in AWM surf machine and surf pool installations.

Bruce McFarland and Robbie Meistrell

AWM Founder Bruce McFarland (left) and Body Glove CEO Robbie Meistrell making waves

Body Glove is a heritage rich business and brand originating in 1953 when twin brothers Bill and Bob (Robbie’s father) Meistrell developed the first functional wetsuit with a dream of a life in the water. Robbie, who became president of BGI in 1983, has led the company from a small domestic market dealing in wetsuits, to the wilder shores of international trade and licensing of watersports products. Under Robbie’s leadership, Body Glove has become one of the world’s most well known surf brands.

In 1986 BGI acquired the US Pro Surfing Tour from Pipeline Masters Champion Joey Buran. The next year Robbie went on to secure sponsorship from Budweiser. The Bud Pro Surf Tour launched a hugely successful era of pro surfing in the 90’s. Robbie understands how sponsors, events, surfers, and spectators all contribute to success. With more SurfStream® installations coming online, Robbie’s experience in this domain will bring a unique perspective to the board.

“We’re fortunate to have Robbie working with us and are looking forward to building new partnerships and relationships with brands, clients, and surfers worldwide. He brings a keen understanding of the international action sports industry and how surfing fits in that space.” said Bruce McFarland, President of AWM, “Robbie, his cousin Billy and I all grew up in the South Bay surfing and diving. Working with Robbie brings everything full circle.”

AWM featured by

How is SurfStream® engineered? Take a look at this video by where Allison and Vince go in-depth on standing waves, hydraulic jumps, and engineering endless waves. Enjoy!

AWM on ESPN Market Pulse Radio Show – listen in on Weds. April 6 at 1pm!

Tune in Wednesday April 6th and listen to the founder and CEO of American Wave Machines, Bruce McFarland, on the Words From the Wise segment on Market Pulse Radio Show. You can listen in your car on ESPN 1700 am or online from 1-2pm.