Sundsvall Arena Selects SurfStream® by American Wave Machines for its New Indoor Adventure Pool Facility in Sweden

First Patented Standing Wave Surf Machine in Europe Provides Authentic Surf

American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM), an innovator in artificial wave technology, today announced that the first standing wave surf machine in Europe will debut at the Himlabadet Pool Facility in Sundsvall, Sweden. The Facility and its SurfStream® are scheduled to open next summer. This SurfStream will be capable of the largest waves so far using AWM technology.

The all-season indoor Facility is being designed with a northern Swedish theme creating an oasis of forest, heat, fire, and water elements, natural to the environment. Emphasizing adventure and action for all ages, it will boast water slides, whirlpools, a climbing wall, children’s pool and in keeping with the theme of nature, a SurfStream that delivers an authentic surfing experience.

SurfStream is the first and only commercially available patented surf machine that creates true standing waves.SurfStream delivers authentic surf by creating a deep cushion of water where riders can use real surfboards with fins to carve on an endless wave. As a result, the skills acquired riding SurfStream waves translate perfectly to ocean or river surfing. With wave adjustability, real surfing capability, and designs to meet any footprint, SurfStream meets the varying requirements of a broad demographic.

“Design and flexibility were key factors in selecting SurfStream,” said Hasse Bergqvist, arena manager at Himlabadet.“Since SurfStream is so versatile and can create any kind of wave, including left breaks, right breaks, even full-blown barrels, it’s perfect for learning to surf. We’re looking forward to introducing surfing to the active family clientele in Sundsvall.”

“It’s been a great experience working with the team at Sundsvall Arena to create authentic bodyboarding and surfing for visitors and guests at the Himlabadet Pool Facility,” said Bruce McFarland, president of AWM. “Because to the versatility of SurfStream and AWM’s engineering expertise, we’ve come up with a high-powered, multipurpose system that will meet the needs of a varied demographic, young and old, experienced surfers or not.”

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