PerfectSwell FAQ’s

What makes PerfectSwell® unique? 
PerfectSwell® is the first air-powered system to create an authentic surfing experience through natural-like ocean waves.  Before PerfectSwell only large, hinged paddles driven by hydraulic rams could do this. These “direct displacement” systems were abandoned some time ago for safety, energy, and reliability reasons.

How does PerfectSwell® generate waves?
Using a patented design known as “Reflective Wave Generator,” a sophisticated control system operates air valves and high-volume pressurized air to precisely time the push-pull on the water surface with the effects of gravity. This together with the design of the generator chambers and pool rolls out swells with circular particle motion (the key) into the pool. The waves are further amplified by the phased array controlled patterns to up to twice the fundamental swell size. The low friction of air allows our systems to operate with efficiency and agility not possible in water pumping or direct displacement systems.

How big are the waves? 
Waves can be engineered to any size and shape specification. Typically, wave pool waves are in the 1’-3’ range and surf pool waves are in the 3’-8’ range. Size and cost are related, but surfability is a quality of every PerfectSwell® wave. American Wave Machines typically acts as the wave pool design consultant so that the customer gets the proper specification for the business plan.

How long is the ride? 
The ride length is only limited by the pool size. For example, our 1600 series pools will provide a 10 second ride on the largest waves. Ride length can also vary based on programmed wave peel angles.

How many waves per minute? 
PerfectSwell® technology can easily generate 10 large waves per minute (a wave every 6 seconds). This is 10 times more than the conventional technology.

What type of waves?
PerfectSwell® can create a wide range of wave types. The size, shape, and patterns of waves are all adjustable. PerfectSwell® offers more types of waves than any technology on the market. Just make a list: point break type peeling waves, left and right, and sets of lefts or rights. Peaks, single, double, triple, etc. “Customs”, a barrel into a peak close-out. You name it.

How many people can surf at once? 
Once again, this number is limited by the pool size. Our 1600 series PerfectSwell® pools can generate 3 waves at the same time. You could have 50 people in the water if you want and they wouldn’t have to wait very long for a wave. This number would double for our 3200 series. Over 1,000 waves per hour is achievable with our systems.

How much space is required? How big is the system? 
We recommend 35,000 sq. ft. and up. You can do smaller as a longboarding pool or waterpark pool.

What about the cost? 
This is commercial aquatic development and commercial industrial equipment with associated fees and costs ($$$). Please call to discuss your project requirements.

What does the future look like for American Wave Machines?
You can count on us to continue to create innovative and cutting edge wave technology. We’ll be bringing authentic surfing experiences to the world.