First surf retail center will be online in Virginia Beach, Virginia in 2013

American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM), world leader in artificial wave technology for the emerging surf parks market, announces their selection to carry out the conceptual design and pre-development work and technology supply for the Juice Box Surf owners group in Virginia Beach, VA.

Juice Box Surf
Juice Box Surf in Virginia Beach, VA
Juice Box Surf Center will be a mixed use surf park business utilizing AWM products and technology for indoor surfing, exhibitions, contests, training, surf camps, special events and soft and hard good retail. Juice Box Surf Center combines a full service surf shop, board manufacturing, and surf team with full time surfing available to the public on the largest SurfStream® designed to date. Riders will have the ability to surf indoors in winter and outside in summer. The guest experience includes surfing, shopping, spectating, food, and live music.

Juice Box Surf will feature AWM’s SurfStream® Model SS5032 with programmable controls and modular inserts that allow multiple wave types in one machine. For experienced surfers the signature wave is the standing 6′ barrel with 30′ of face to carve on. This set of wave modules can be assembled in both right and left breaks accommodating goofy and regular foot riders. For broad appeal, the system also has training and intermediate waves which operate at lower power so that the wave size can progress along with the riders’ skill.

“We’re stoked to be working with American Wave Machines,” said owners James Simonin and George Smith. “This is going to expand the surf market, coastal and non-coastal, combining the actual experience of surfing in a core setting with relevant merchandising. Juice Box Surf is an island for surfing that people can escape to with great waves, great food, live music and no worries. Together with AWM we have developed a robust and replicable model and can see this expanding.”

“Virginia Beach has deep roots in surfing, so this is a great opportunity for my company to work with visionary guys,” said Bruce McFarland, President of AWM. “SurfStream® is creating an entirely new business model revolutionizing the way surfing is experienced. We’re ramping up to deploy systems worldwide including the resurgent U.S. market. It’s a business that makes sense not only for surfers but for the new active public that seek authentic, even extreme experiences for their recreation dollars.”

About American Wave Machines, Inc.

American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM) is the creator of wave technology for surf parks, hotel/resorts, recreation, and research applications. SurfStream®, the world’s first standing wave machine, is a technology breakthrough that delivers authentic surf and wave riding capabilities in a compact space. For more information, visit

About Juice Box Surf

Host to the East Coast Surfing Championship, the longest running surf competition in the United States, Virginia Beach is the location of Juice Box Surf. Featuring custom surfboards designed and built in-house and world renowned surf product lines, Juice Box Surf is a “CORE” focused shop driven by pure enthusiasm backed up by decades of surf culture experience. For more information, visit