First Indoor Surf Venue in Australia will be online in 2017

American Wave Machines, Inc. Awarded Contract for Aloha Surf Joondalup

Solana Beach, California. – American Wave Machines, Inc. (AWM), the world’s leading wave pool, surf venue, and wave technology company for the emerging out of ocean surfing market and Aloha Surf have announced that the first dedicated surf venue in Australia will open in Joondalup, Western Australia. From gentle whitewater waves to 6 foot barrels the SurfStream® at Aloha Surf will have everyone stoked.

Aloha Surf brings together retail, entertainment, health, food and beverage, and sport under one roof. Set in a core, contemporary, and social atmosphere, the all-season indoor venue will include surf exhibitions, contests, training, camps, Surf P .E., corporate events, special events and a full service surf shop. With the emphasis on health and fitness, the venue also includes Yoga and a fitness gym. A themed bar and restaurant will allow diners to watch the surfing while enjoying a healthy menu in a surf inspired core setting.

AlohaSurfwillfeatureAWM’sSurfStream® withprogrammablecontrolsandmodularinsertsthatallow multiple wave types in one machine. For experienced surfers the signature wave is the standing 6′ barrel with a 20′ face to carve on, either right or left breaks for goofy and regular foot riders. A 4 foot deep water wave creates hydrodynamics just like river surfing. For broad appeal, the system also has training and intermediate waves which operate at lower power so that the wave size can progress along with the riders’ skill.


Architectural Rendering of Aloha Surf

“By making surfing available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Aloha Surf is not only growing the sport, but creating a unique experience for surfers and spectators. We have the potential to provide locals with tools for surf education never seen anywhere else,” said Adam Blackwood, owner of Aloha Surf. “People of all abilities will be able to get the fundamentals down and develop their skills while non surfers can just relax and enjoy the scene.”

“Working with Adam has been great. He has a compelling vision for out of ocean surfing in Australia. This is the first of a series of our small footprint indoor surf venues opening in Australia in the coming months and adding to our growing worldwide commercial out of ocean surfing network. We’re stoked to be down under.” Said Bruce McFarland, President & Founder of American Wave Machines


Kalani Chapman Cutback

About Aloha Surfhouse

Aloha Surfhouse are proud to be bringing American Wave Machines Surftream technology to Australia. Plans are to have at least one venue in every major Australian city making surfing accessible to everyone all year round. We have a young energetic team who are constantly in contact with the community to ensure we create that Aloha feel at every venue, every time. We hope to encourage more people to get back into the ocean and learn the sport we all love here in Australia.

For more information contact our team at

Premium Surfing Amenity Heading to China’s Qizibay Grand New Century Resort

Solana Beach, CA – American Wave Machines (AWM) announced that a SurfStream® standing wave machine will be a unique and featured amenity at the upscale Hainan Qizibay Grand New Century Resort, which is scheduled to open in Hainan, China in September, 2015. This will be the first resort in Southeast Asia to include a deep water standing wave machine.


Hainan, China

Hainan has been called the Hawaii of China. It has an active surfing population, hosts many surf tourists, and is a stop on the WSL and ISA surf tours. The superior experience of SurfStream was a natural fit for Qizibay’s Grand New Century Resort.

The technology invented and manufactured by American Wave Machines will allow surfers to ride real surfboards and experience genuine surfing out of the ocean. The SurfStream® can also produce waves appropriate for body boarding, and body surfing.

“Hainan Qizibay Grand New Century Resort in Hainan is the perfect location to introduce this unique experience and technology in China,” said Robert Reynolds, American Wave Machines COO. “The resorts clientele will be surrounded by some of the best amenities in the world, and our SurfStream® will be one of the highlights of the trip for families and surfers alike.”

The world class left point break at Riyue Bay is home to Hainan’s International Surfing Festival

While this will be the first resort in China to include a SurfStream®, the wave machines are already in operation at standalone surf parks, water parks, municipal facilities, hotels, resorts and shopping centers around the world.

“Surfing and high-quality wave machines appeal to a broad demographic spectrum. The crowds that have been drawn to ride a SurfStream or watch others have been overwhelming in every setting so far. This will be another great location and we are excited to bring a unique and desired experience to a unique and desired resort.” Reynolds concluded.


The world class left point break at Riyue Bay is home to Hainan’s International Surfing Festival

American Wave Machines is the world’s leading wave pool, surf park, and wave technology company producing authentic surf experiences. SurfStream® 5-15K square foot venues have capacity of 100’s while PerfectSwell® Surf Parks are 1 acre plus with capacity in the 1000’s. Since 2007 over 3,000,000 surf sessions have been enjoyed at American Wave Machines locations around the globe.

Second Annual ESA Indoor Surf Contest Held in New Hampshire

For the second year in a row the ESA Indoor Surf Championships we’re held in New Hampshire on SurfStream®.  Click HERE for Eastern Surf Magazine’s article on the event.


Body Glove Pro Cheyne Magnusson

East Coast Surfers Experience Newest and Largest SurfStream

Rob Kelly Barreled on the SurfStream at Surf's Up New Hampshire


East Coast Surfers and American Wave Machines team commission and demo the SurfStream at Surf’s Up New Hampshire.  Check out the video below to see the surfers in action and hear about their experience.